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I consider myself quiet and quirky but also talkative and somewhat mainstream. I watch way more terrible tv than I'd like to admit and I have the hardest time finishing a book before moving onto the next one- but I pay a lot of attention to detail and cherish the little things, prefer wild flowers over roses and always try to look at things with a wider lens. (see what I did there?)

Well, it’s important to me to capture the candid moments- the unplanned, goofy, emotional, and exciting moments- the spirit of your wedding day. This could be during an intimate elopement with just the two of you (and me as your third wheel) or a large wedding surrounded by all of your closest friends and family. I try to use my creativity to bring something new to every wedding and my attention to detail to find the special moments of each wedding that separates yours from the next. I'll use my goofy tendencies and relatable awkwardness to photograph you in the best way that I know possible, which is me, being me so that you can feel comfortable being you.

why Wedding photography?